ADD20 Research Subcommittee Meeting @ 2017 TRB Annual Meeting

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ADD20 Research Subcommittee Meeting @ 2017 TRB Annual Meeting

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The Research Subcommittee for ADD20, the Committee for Social and Economic Factors, is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, January 10, 8:00 – 9:45 AM during the upcoming Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board.  The subcommittee will discuss current and future activities to:

  • identify new research needs and gaps
  • advance those ideas to the national research agenda
  • support the dissemination of existing research
  • coordinate with other TRB committees on shared areas of interest

The Research Subcommittee meeting is open to all interested TRB participants.

Click HERE to download the subcommittee agenda packet.

ADD20 has a broad scope, with interests that cut across many areas of transportation practice and academic disciplines. The committee’s current Strategic Plan describes the scope of ADD20’s interests:

According to its official TRB designation, ‘ADD20 addresses all direct and indirect social and economic effects of transportation systems both within the transportation corridor and within the larger regions affected, including those bearing on present and future transportation needs and services.’  Historically, ADD20 was among the first TRB committees to explore the social and economic factors of transportation in all their breadth and complexity.  This overarching role of an umbrella for social and economic factors has stayed with the committee, but over time, numerous other (sub)committees have been formed from ADD20 to deal with more specific critical components of the social and economic context (e.g. environmental justice, community impacts assessment).  These committees have collectively grown into the large family of social and economically oriented committees that now comprise the Social, Economic, and Cultural issues section.  Today, ADD20 remains at the forefront of understanding socio-economic impacts, with its members identifying emerging, critical and cross-cutting social/economic issues as they arise and programming TRB and/or research activities accordingly.  The committee’s broad mission allows ADD20 to be extremely relevant for liaison and collaboration with a host of more issue-specific TRB committees.  To this end, ADD20 seeks to encourage basic transportation research through its rigorous peer review of technical papers submitted for publication in association with the TRB annual meeting, as well as practitioner oriented research through its subcommittee on Community Impacts Assessment.

More on the TRB Annual Meeting here:

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