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Published reports for projects I supported at NCHRP:


NCHRP Research Report 1079: Shared-Risk Insurance Pools for Transit Agencies: A Guide DOI: 10.17226/27419

NCHRP Web-Only Document 374: Developing a Guide to Shared-Risk Insurance Pools for Transit Agencies DOI: 10.17226/27418

NCHRP Research Report 1074: Maximizing Proceeds from the Fleet Asset Disposal Sales Process DOI: 10.17226/27302

NCHRP Research Results Digest 404: Collective and Individual Actions to Envision and Realize the Next Era of America’s Transportation Infrastructure: Phase 1 DOI: 10.17226/27263

NCHRP Research Report 1072: Telecommuting, Remote Work, and Hybrid Schedules: Managing the Shift to a Flexible Work Future DOI: 10.17226/27167

NCHRP Research Report 1067: Postwar Commercial Properties and Section 106: A Methodology for Evaluating Historic Significance  DOI: 10.17226/27140

NCHRP Web-Only Document 367: Postwar Commercial Properties and Section 106: Piloting the Methodology for Evaluating Historic Significance DOI: 10.17226/27254

NCHRP Research Report 1035: Guide to Effective Methods for Setting Transportation Performance Targets DOI: 10.17226/26764

NCHRP Web-Only Document 358: Developing a Guide to Effective Methods for Setting Transportation Performance Targets DOI: 10.17226/27053

NCHRP 20-24(137) Assessing and Communicating the Economic and Quality of Life Benefits of Transportation Infrastructure Investments: Message Testing

NCHRP 20-24(131) Mapping the Common Interests of AASHTO Committees

NCHRP Web-Only Document 350: Long-Term Vegetation Management Strategies for Roadsides and Roadside Appurtenances DOI: 10.17226/26876

NCHRP Research Report 1027: Guide to Recruiting, Developing, and Retaining Transportation Infrastructure Construction Inspectors DOI: 10.17226/26878

NCHRP Web-Only Document 337: Training and Certification of Construction Inspectors for Transportation Infrastructure DOI: 10.17226/26879


NCHRP Web-Only Document 349: Virtual Public Involvement: Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic DOI: 10.17226/26827

Transportation Governance and Finance: A 50-State Review of State Legislatures and Departments of Transportation, 3rd Edition (NCHRP 20-24(133); published by AASHTO)

NCHRP 1025 Contingency Factors to Account for Risk in Early Construction Cost Estimates for Transportation Infrastructure Projects DOI: 10.17226/26829

NCHRP Research Report 1011: Watershed Approach to Mitigating Hydrologic Impacts of Transportation Projects: Guide DOI: 10.17226/26762

NCHRP Research Report 1000: Accessibility Measures in Practice: A Guide for Transportation Agencies DOI: 10.17226/26793

NCHRP Web-Only Document 340: Keeping Pace with New and Emerging Mobility and Technology in the Public Right-of-Way

NCHRP WebResource 1: Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Guide for State DOTs

Conduct of Research Report For WebResource 1.  NCHRP Web-Only Document 308: Methods for State DOTs to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Transportation Sector

NCHRP Research Report 986: Implementation of the AASHTO Guide for Enterprise Risk Management

NCHRP Research Report 984: Breaking Barriers: Alternative Approaches to Avoiding and Reducing Highway Traffic Noise Impacts


NCHRP Research Report 980: Attracting, Retaining, and Developing the Transportation Workforce: Transportation Planners

NCHRP Web-Only Document 311: Improving the Efficiency and Consistency of Section 106 Compliance for State DOTs: Strategies for Project-Level Programmatic Agreements

NCHRP Web-Only Document 310: Evaluation and Synthesis of Connected Vehicle Communication Technologies


NCHRP 20-44-30 Implementation of NCHRP Research Report 893: The Oregon DOT Statewide Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan

NCHRP Research Report 945 Strategies for Work Zone Transportation Management Plans

NCHRP Web-Only Document 287: Planning & Implementing Multimodal, Integrated Corridor Management: Guidebook

NCHRP Research Report 941 Bicyclist Facility Preferences and Effects on Increasing Bicycle Trips

NCHRP 25-25 Task 104: Streamlining Carbon Monoxide Project-Level Air Quality Analyses with Programmatic Agreements

NCHRP Web-Only Document 281: Integrating Tribal Expertise into Processes to Identify, Evaluate, and Record Cultural Resources

NCHRP Web-Only Document 280: Valuing Wildlife Crossing Enhancements for Mitigation Credits

NCHRP Web-Only Document 278: Context-Sensitive Design Options for Workhorse Bridges in Rural Historic Districts

NCHRP Web-Only Document 275: Potential Section 106 Exempted Categories or Program Comments for Federal Highway Administration Projects: National Streamlining Opportunities

NCHRP Web-Only Document 274: Estimates of Emissions Reductions from Future Fleet Changes for Use in Air Quality Models

NCHRP 25-25/Tasks 119 and 120: Development of a State DOT Portal for the International Stormwater BMP Database

NCHRP Research Report 916: Sustainable Highway Construction Guidebook


NCHRP Research Report 918: Approaches for Determining and Complying with TMDL Requirements Related to Roadway Stormwater Runoff

NCHRP Web Only Document 280: Field Test of BMPs Using Granulated Ferric Oxide Media to Remove Dissolved Metals in Roadway Stormwater

NCHRP 25-25/Task 113: Road Passages and Barriers for Small Terrestrial Wildlife: Summary and Repository of Design Examples

NCHRP 25-25/Task 102 Artificial Bat Roost Mitigation Designs and Standardized Monitoring Criteria

NCHRP  20-07/Task 413: Relocation and Acquisition of Outdoor Advertising Signs Impacted by State Highway Projects: Time and Cost Comparison

NCHRP Research Report 905: Measuring the Effectiveness of Public Involvement in Transportation Planning and Project Development

NCHRP 25-25/Task 105: A Guidebook for Communications between Transportation and Public Health Communities

NCHRP 25-25/Task 103: Administration of Categorical Exclusions by State Departments of Transportation under NEPA

NCHRP 25-25/Task 109 Successful Practices for Environmental Commitments in Public/Private Partnerships (P-3) and Design-Build (D-B) Contracts

NCHRP 25-25/Task 106: Highway Noise and Historic Properties: A National Review of Effects and Mitigation Practices

NCHRP 25-25/Task 107: Section 106 Delegation Programmatic Agreements: Review and Best Practices

NCHRP 25-25/Task 111: Environmental Management System Perspectives For State DOTs          

NCHRP 25-25/Task 110: Review of Historic Property Identification Surveys and Strategies for Managing Post-World War II Housing in Transportation Projects


NCHRP Research Report 893: Systemic Pedestrian Safety Analysis

NCHRP Research Report 886: Field Evaluation of Reflected Noise from a Single Noise Barrier

NCHRP Research Report 882: How Weather Affects the Noise You Hear from Highways
Data from the study are available on request.

NCHRP Research Report 881: Traffic Control Devices and Measures for Deterring Wrong-Way Movements

NCHRP 25-25/Task 98 Practical Guide for Developing Effective Scopes of Work for the Geophysical Investigation of Cemeteries

NCHRP 25-25/Task 96: Quick Reference Guide for Traffic Modelers for Generating Traffic and Activity Data for Project-Level Air Quality Analyses.


NCHRP 25-25/Task 97: Historic Roads: A Synthesis of Identification and Evaluation Practices  

NCHRP 25-25/Task 101 Stormwater Monitoring Program Goals, Objectives and Protocols for State Departments of Transportation

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