Draft Program Released for ERSA Congress

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Draft Program Released for ERSA Congress

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The draft program is now online for the 2016 European Regional Science Association Congress.

No surprise that there are lots of presentations with some mention of transportation in the title.  A couple of intriguing ones:

‘All roads lead to Rome . . .and to sprawl? Evidence from European cities’,  Dr. Miquel-Angel Garcia-Lopez

(Are roads the reason we have sprawl?)

‘Let Tiebout pick up the tab: Pricing out externalities with free mobility’,  Dr. Hiroki Watanabe

(Where would people choose to live if transportation were free?)

My own contribution to the program is a systematic analysis of how urban form is measured in scholarly literature published over the most recent decade.  This was the first time I’ve used the systematic analysis approach with a citation database so it was an interesting tutorial in how to use these tools to fuel a lit review.  Looking forward to presenting this small project to the regional science community next month.

View or download the ERSA 2016 Draft Program HERE.



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